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The best beach holidays in Europe

Europe is home to hundreds upon hundreds of the most fantastic beaches in world. Be it for lounging peacefully in the sun, taking long strolls or jumping in at the deep end with more adventurous water sports they have to offer. You will find something for everyone on our European beaches. There is so much more to cover than can be highlighted here, but for now let’s look at 5 of the best beaches close to home in Europe.

Bantham Beach, England, UK: Located at Bantham, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3AN. This beach is one of the very best for relaxing and for children or families. It’s a beautifully sandy beach with shallow pools that are fantastic for paddling and searching for tiny see creatures and shells. On top of this if you enjoy a spot of surfing, or even just want to delight in watching, then Bantham Beach is a fantastic place for you as its widely regaded as the best surf beach in Devon.

Sandwood Bay, Scotland, UK: Can be found at Lairg IV27 4RU. Stretching almost a mile and a half in a highly secluded area, this gorgeous sandy beach is looked on by dunes and cliff tops whilst looking over a loch. Providing a setting that is as picturesque any. It takes a little bit of a trek to get to the beach itself as there is around a 4 mile journey from the entrance from the nearest road, cars are to be left at the car park and you make the journey down to the beach by foot, which goes a long way to preserving the beauty and tranquillity of the beach.

Rondinara Beach, Corsica, France: Location is at Plage de Rondinara, 20169 Bonifacio, France. This stunning horseshoe bay is home to a stunning tranquil turquoise sea and stretch of white sandy beach. Its beauty has led it to be the focal point of many professional photoshoots and tourist memorabilia. Beautifully preserved due to it also being a protected nature reserve, this beach offers a beautiful setting for little ones to enjoy paddling in its shallow waters. You’ll also find that many frequent the beach to take part in windsurfing and snorkeling exercises and if you are in need of refreshment during your visit you’ll find a restaurant that can accommodate.

Cala Macarella, Menorca, Spain: Similarly to Rondinara beach, Cala Macarella also boasts tranquil blue seas and a gorgeous stretch of white sandy beach. It’s fantastic for toddlers up due to the waters shallow depths and clear waters and it also one of Menorca’s most beautiful beaches for those who just want to lay in a stunning setting and relax. You’ll find toilets, food and lifeguards at this well maintained beach but if you are looking for water sports or a thrill, have a little look for another beach as this one is all about soaking up the sun, paddling and relaxing.

Cale Goloritzé, Sardinia, Italy: Situated in Baunei this beach is a great option for snorkeling and there are even some really interesting archaeological sites nearby if you would like something extra to keep you occupied. Part of this beaches charm is its access and initial impressions as you make your way through the access tunnel, forged through a mountain that leads you to look over the town of picturesque villas from a great height taking in the views before your decent to the beach. The beach itself is made up of tiny white pebbles and beautiful white sand and interesting coves that have been the backdrops to many famous films and video shoots in the past.