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Japan’s top 5 cities after Tokyo

Japan is a beautiful country, dotted with a thousand different cultural and historical sites, as well as areas of truly outstanding natural beauty and wildlife. That’s not even mentioning what Japan is truly famous for; it’s technology. Japan is the technological hub of the world, and is still one of the most advanced countries out there.

They’re an incredibly healthy people, with one of the longest life expectancies in the world. This is due in part to their high tech healthcare, and in part to their delicious and exotic diet. Japan travel allows you to sample some fantastic dishes such as sushi, or any one of the numerous Japanese foods. Whatever you do, don’t limit your Japanese holiday experience to Tokyo!

1.Kyoto – If you like shrines…

Known throughout Japan and the world over as the ‘City of 10,000 Shrines’, due to the huge number of beautiful shrines and temples dotting the city. In ancient times, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan, meaning that in a country as historically tumultuous and war torn as Japan, Kyoto has seen a huge amount of war and fire, and it shows in the quiet and dignified culture evident in the architecture, city scape and atmosphere.

If you enjoy the idea of wandering around serene temples and tranquil gardens, while enjoying a modern Japanese city with a rich tapestry of history behind it, Kyoto should be on your list for touring Japan.

2. Osaka A sparkling business hub

Osaka is one of the real business hubs of Japan, with a huge number of international businesses based there, and thousands of new businesses and companies started up every year there. Alongside Japans penchant for technology, their ability to market themselves to the world is what has turned them into the powerful rich country they are today. If you’re interested in international business, this is somewhere you have to check out.

That’s not even mentioning the food! As a modern city you can expect all manner of luxuries and shopping opportunities, as well as the fact that Osaka is a real hub of delicious Japanese cuisine, and makes for a real treat for any food lover.

3.Yokohama – Perfect for shopping

Yokohama is close to Tokyo at just a short train ride away. Once just a tiny little fishing village, Japan’s international trade has allowed Yokohama to flourish into the second most populous Japanese city, and with a huge population, comes a huge variety of malls and shopping centres. As a city to go for a shopping spree, you’d literally struggle to find anywhere better.

4.Nara – If you love history…

With almost eight UNESCO world heritage sites, and widely heralded as the birthplace of some of the core elements of modern Japanese traditions, Nara is truly a historical city. If you’ve got any interest in Japanese history, Nara is an absolute must see. Beyond that, it’s a modern Japanese city, and offers many other cultural and fun things to do, not to mention great food and shopping opportunities.

5.Okinawa – A series of islands with beautiful views and landscapes

Okinawa is a city based on islands in the southern part of Japan, and with that carries some amazing weather, landscapes and views. With water sports like scuba diving and surfing, as well as a fantastic, cultural and modern city. No trip to Japan is complete without a trip to Okinawa for at least a couple of days.