Travel Tips

Tips for finding great flight prices

This clip brings you a few tips I stumbled across from Youtube’s PsychoTraveller. Ali gives some great tips on using Skyscanner as well as a few other tips for saving money on your flights. One of the most interesting, if not one of the biggest money savers, is the advice to ensure your cookies are turned off when hunting for your flights. When you get wander lust and just need to get that flight, don’t let your browser know how desperate you are, it might just work against you and you could miss out on a fantastic deal just because the sites know you are interested in it!

Get Paid to Travel

Andrea Christina pops in to say hi

I’ll be ready and raring to go with this new blog really really soon! For now I’ve been thinking up something useful that will peak your interest and have you coming back for more. So here goes…

A little bit of inspiration for how to travel the world and get paid for it! The vid above isn’t the be all and end when it comes to paid travel, it’s just one of many and all though we won’t be going into detail in this post, we may well be seeing a few of these beauties in a little bit more detail in the Future. I absolutely love traveling with all my heart and truly believe there is nothing better than experiencing everything this beautiful planet has to offer. That being said, I know it can be pricey and I haven’t spent my life being made of money! That’s why I get so excited when I see ways that people can embark on the biggest adventures of their lives without having to break the bank. Traveling for paid work, embarking on great adventures to fundraise, backpacking, finding cheap flights, making the best of holiday extra as well as discovering some of the most beautiful, unique and challenging destinations on the planet, Andrea Cristina plans to bring it all.